Welcome to BATTLEZONE, Providers of Laser Tag in Perth

  • BATTLEZONE is an exciting Outdoor Laser Tag adventure.
  • We offer thrilling Laser Skirmish Missions and are one of the best value
  • and the most fun Outdoor Laser Tag Venues in Perth.
  • No Pain, Bruising or Projectiles means a great time for all.
  • We offer awesome fully supervised scenarios on some of the best fields around.
  • Suitable for Players aged 5 to 65 years and beyond.
  • Have your occasion with us for a Day to Remember.
  • We offer a variety of weapons and scenarios for laser combat that’s safe, affordable and fun for all ages. Get in touch with us to book in a laser skirmish in Perth that you’ll never forget: whether you want to take part in a Capture the Flag, Lone Wolf, VIP, Capture the Base or Terminator mission, we have you covered and will provide the most fun experience possible.
  • Corporate Team Building Activities in Perth

    If you are looking for a fun and safe way to bring the crew together for Team Bonding, look no further than Battlezone. All our missions are exciting and challenging. Players of all level of fitness can join in and make a contribution to the team. Shoot the Boss and not get fired.
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  • Healthy Outdoor Fun Activities in Perth

    A great way to get your team away from the game and bond with a different kind of fun. Whether you're the fittest or the strongest in the team, we give all players a chance to shine and kick the winning goal. Make your end of year wind-up something they will be talking about for a very long time.
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  • Birthday Party Ideas in Perth

    Finding it difficult to host the "Best Birthday Ever" why not give Battlezone a go. We do all the hard work and make organising your special day a breeze. Fully supervised missions suitable for all ages. Boys and Girls can battle it out in the fresh air and natural settings as well as barricades and bunkers.
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  • Find Out What Our Customers Say

    Any business can claim they are the best in their field. Before you sign on to anything, it is always helpful to get other peoples thoughts and opinions. We have listed a few Testimonials for you to check out by clicking below. Feel free to contact us should you require any more Intel.
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